I wonders around with glint of sun in my eye, which shield my way but in the light bring sense unknown of what round corner. Blinded  by beam of cold winter sun and is it hide the world within my grasp. Is in faded or I am disappear from vision that see me as me, I am me but who is she yet she looks like me.  she passes herself of as me, maybe if I ask she will and can go for while. I could be the one with vision to fly up to moon and met man who lives of moon and made from cheese.

Seamless air of the room which craves my lungs to breath to make them survive. The slump body which belong to me, in cases itself to chair and wishes that it could rest for few minutes. The brain that want writing all day from moment it got up. What shall my fingers and brain say to day, loads different words and mean absolute nothing. I feel the need to have the words out of me but now I wrote something today hooray.

By zoolane2

New Language?

Well thank you to great member (Tony) who gave me link to program that readied your text out aloud for you. It like I have discover new language that suddenly makes sentence and it like click of a brain cell with light that shine bright just little bit. Why has it take so long for me think of  it, I have being writing for about four years with stuff from past, present and poems. Much to amazing I wrote six-seven stories, in this foreign language that I uses. I will still used.

The words are magic as it readied what I writing, it really strange feel that woman of 30 and has three daughters who bright as button. Can feel so excite and relieve that is a light that the end of a tunnel which seem to make the world seem more will to accept me as amateur dyslexia writer.

How has simply thing like a computer program bring a little bit hope to my life.  I have being native to think that I could of manage with the dyslexia without ask for help.

By zoolane2

Listening device or program?

How many people who writing amateur or authors used listening program? and find helpful?

I am wonder whether it would helpful but down falling it would have to free and I know best ones cost money.


I am think if I do manage download one, it going difficult to used or is where I type and the program reading what I type.

Usual I am OK said under breath or in my head because sound right but when read aloud I am un sure if a complete or right sentence. It sound really weird but I don’t know how else to explain it.  It like the words have change when said it loud and spill in the air.  I know they have not change but get sometime I get confused when speak aloud with what words said.  I have conversation with anyone about any thing. It when come to words and knowing how to explain or get my point across. It like get all mixed up and turn out alright or not what I want.

By zoolane2

Light At End of Dyslexia Tunnel?

For past few days I join few forums and got react I normal get before the realize at the Dyslexia is weave into my brain. Which to honest until few years go I thought at my writing was not bad. Do not get me wrong alway had ask my sister for help if I had write complain to company lie good five year ago.

When I wrote as teenager, when I was going thought depression and was writing poems about love obvious be young. I could not see any thing wrong with my writing. sometime I would maybe realize miss words out but very rarely. Then again two deaths in space of three months and back came third lot of depression well I think it was third any way. I started having counseling and it was suggest might good idea to writing down stuff. So natural what I did. Might sound might corny but when I type out on the screen it stop going round it my head and it was I was declutter my head.

Will recently search for new forums to try get different views for writing and then early on it was like switch on. I starting to wonder if there was forum for dyslexia writers and gain help and advice. I found one which so happy that want shout top my voice to anyone who listen but obvious I won’t. so might light at end of the tunnel which probably not be plain sail.

By zoolane2

                   Moon Beam.

In the light the moon beam which realm over me with it perfect shine, how I wish the spotlight would take me in to the unknown. I am drowned it the depths of  the shadows which doomed over me. Is my old friend come said ‘hi’ with dark feeling of  non rational thoughts peer in corner of the window. The pit of the emotional is crave to be heard with quite but stern voice. 

My eyes wish is faded way with mist that escape from my breath in cold air, the words are utter with destruction in my heart.  Winced with smell of environment which I grew in as young child. Was hell to point but only had me to cared for.  Sound strange but I wish days of be innocent were now.  The night is alone with shiver up my spine and my soul mate has turn out be cold. 

 Words which writing are true but reality all in a paragraph which is feelings of the life before; past and future

By zoolane2



English my native language and have characterizes of dyslexia.

With said this it alway will remain my down fall when come to writing anything. Why can I just open eyes one morning and it all being store somewhere in brain. Or better yet when fingers do all the work and just know how the grammar work in writing. I absolute love writing; it could be anything that in my head or ideas which be develop into piece.

The words that spilled over my page and written my fair fingers make sense me but not anyone else? Do I really type alien language? Am I only one in the Galaxy? Sure I am not and plus must be authors like me who got publish and no I do not want to publish and have full force of literature world come down on me.

I had refresh course in past and even manage to go Middlesbrough College last year age 30 something, and pass with D in English GCSE.  Edited with support was great but dyslexia support crap so suppose I could blame that but obvious me with problem.

By zoolane2

My fantasy world

As I sit here typing away, and while knowing things to be done like take the dog out. Wish I could aimless drift in to my fantasy dream where I have wings to soar thought earth sky. I have feathers that they light and guild me smoothly over the clouds of wool. The mountains are in distance with hat on from snow but I am not cold.  I see the ocean with dolphins swimming in the deep blue and whale’s tale make enormous wave. The Carmel sand is inviting me to land as I touch down the heat warms my feets.

Now I am human as wish that I could stay forever on my  fantasy island with not care in world or anyone want be for own use. But no I have go take dog out now.

By zoolane2

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By zoolane2